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Seven spoons is a tiny, little gem of a restaurant located in a traditional Chinese shophouse on the corner of Jor Por Ror (JPR) and Chakkrapatipong (22-24 Chakkrapatipong Road) within easy walking distance of the Golden Mount and Nong Lerng Market. They describe themselves as “Simple, Sumptuous Bangkok dining with an Edge” and have a truly global menu with influences from Asia, the Middle East and Europe and reading it made me intrigued as to what lay in store. The restaurant interior is sleek with a sort of industrialized feel to its bare brick and exposed woodwork with the eye being drawn in to the impressive spirit display on the back bar if not to the pretty, traditional tiled floor. I arrived not long after opening having made an early start to the day exploring the Golden Mount and was one of two single female diners in there to enjoy a light lunch but by the time I left, several groups had arrived and the restaurant had a gentle buzz to it. Their lunchtime menu is split into 4 sections; sandwiches, salads, main courses and “bits and bites” (the latter wasn’t available when I was there) with a really interesting selection of dishes and I could have eaten most of it quite happily. I was particularly tempted by the sound of the “Spiced Aubergine Parmigiana with Chickpeas” and the “Beetroot, Potato Latkes with Dill Soft Cheese” but in the end I decided that I had to try the salad of “Peach, Grilled Aubergine and Paneer with Mixed Greens” as it sounded like such an unusual flavor pairing that you knew it had to work for them to think it up. They bought a couple of chunks of (homemade?) bread to the table while I waited – I want to say it was like a polenta bread with caramelized onions and olives but I could be wrong. Regardless, it was delicious and I thought the herb flecked butter it was served with was a nice touch too – you can see how nicely it was presented in my pictures at the end. Whilst the special juice of the day (Tangerine) seemed to be going down a storm, with wine at 170b a glass, I certainly wasn’t going to pass up on a nice chilled glass of white! My salad turned out to be an artfully arranged bowl of thinly sliced , char grilled aubergines, sweet peach, mixed leaves and squares of golden paneer. I certainly would never have thought about eating aubergine and peach together but the Autumnal combination definitely worked, the earthy aubergine and the sweetness of the peaches were tempered by the slight saltiness of the paneer and I would definitely use paneer in a salad again, in place of halloumi or feta say. The salad was just 160b and perfectly portioned for lunch but with everything looking so appealing and being so reasonably priced I’d be tempted to try a main course or a sandwich in future and share a salad with a friend as an extra dish. All credit to the team there, they were friendly and genuinely enthusiastic, interested in looking after the guests which showed and the restaurant had a really nice feel to it. I also loved the eclectic music compilation, everything from songs from Grease to golden oldies and a bit of electronica thrown in for good measure- it might sound like an odd combination, but like the salad it really worked! I had a really lovely lunch and would definitely go back one night to try the dinner menu out as well as I imagine the ambience (not to mention the food) would be lovely. A great find!


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