Seven Spoons dinner menu


Lentil fritters with olive cheese, dates and mint  120B  

Lentil balls served with olive cheese, dates and a sprig of mint for unexpected kick 

Vienna sausages with apple sauerkraut   120B                     

Flavorful Vienna sausage cuts accompanied by our homemade sauerkraut

 Mushroom fritti with masala dipping sauce  120B

Local mushrooms made tempura-crispy with spiced mayo-based sauce

Mango salsa shrimp soft taco  160B    

A favorite! Soft taco stuffed with a golden mango salsa, cilantro and shrimp

Grilled chicken, cheddar cheese and smoked chipotle pepper quesadilla  180B

Golden quesadillas stuffed with free range chicken, chipotle peppers and cheddar cheese  

Seared asparagus wrapped in smoked salmon with dill cheese  180B 

Organic asparagus, soft dill cheese, balsamic reduction and smoked salmon


Summer days watermelon and tomato feta salad   180B                                                      

Refreshing watermelon, tomatoes and feta on a bed of greens drizzled with vinaigrette

Middle Eastern delight falafel salad   180B                                                                                    

Falafel balls, tomatoes, cucumber, onions and caper berries on bed of greens with tzaziki dressing

Grilled chicken, green apple, goat’s cheese and caramelized walnut salad  200B

Crisp apples, goat’s cheese and grilled chicken served on a bed of greens with balsamic dressing. 

New version quinoa salad with mango, avocado and mushroom fritti    210B                       
Delish! Fresh greens with pressed quinoa, mango and avocado topped with mushroom fritti

Glorious pomelo and smoked salmon salad with dill dressing   220B

Punch of flavor with pomelo and smoked salmon on rocket with creamed dill dressing 


Spiced Moroccan-style meatballs on spaghetti  210B

Classic meatballs, with a spiced Moroccan twist. Served on spaghetti.

Gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce and chickpea spinach balls (vegetarian)  220B

Light and fluffy gnocchi with spinach fritters, creamy gorgonzola sauce and pistachios.

Spinach pumpkin tortellini with pecorino and lemon butter sauce (vegetarian)  220B   

Artisanal tortellini stuffed with spinach, butternut squash topped with pinenuts.

Halloumi tikka kebabs, cardamom spinach risotto with tamarind syrup   240B

Another hit, tikka halloumi on cardamom scented risotto with tamarind syrup.

Chorizo, black olive and fresh rocket linguine with ground macademia  240B                   

Linguine, spicy chorizo sausage, black olives with Petchabun macademia nuts.

Crab ravioli with pink peppercorn cream sauce 240B    

Handmade ravioli stuffed with crab and accompanied by a punchy pink peppercorn cream sauce

Risotto balls, seafood with marinara sauce   260B                                                                                                                       
Top seller. Lightly crisped risotto served with shrimp and squid and tangy marinara sauce.


Creamy yogurt lentils and spinach galette (tart)   240B

Earthy lentils and spinach galette served with tangy yogurt sauce.

Barley pilaf stuffed eggplant and buffalo mozzarella (vegetarian)  240B

Smoky roast eggplant stuffed with a rice and barley pilaf and topped with buffalo mozzarella.

Chicken tagine with olives and preserved lemons on couscous  240B

Our take on a Moroccan classic. Lightly spiced chicken stew served on bed of couscous.

Juniper sauce duck breast with caramelized persimmons  290B

Roast duck breast served with juniper sauce and accompanied by caramelized persimmons.

Pan-seared white snapper with lavender cream sauce and pistachios   260B                                 

Cream sauce infused with lavender over crisp snapper, served with a chickpea puree.

Bacon wrapped pork filet with apple mango chutney and blue cheese potatoes    340B

Succulent pork filet wrapped with bacon and topped with a spiced apple mango chutney

Filet mignon with melted gorgonzola cheese and lingonberry sauce   580B          

Meat lover’s filet mignon cooked as you like with a side of sumac baby potatoes


Sea salt caramel crème brulee     110B

Decadent cranberry chocolate trifle    110B

Locally produced organic vanilla or mango gelato     90B

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