Seven Spoons Lunch Menu

Seven Spoons Lunch Menu


1. Quinoa salad with watermelon, beetroot and fresh basil (veg) 240B
2. Tempeh and spiced guacamole salad (veg) 200B
3. Peach, grilled aubergine and paneer cheese on mixed greens (veg) 200B
4. Colossal Greek salad with all the fittings 200B
5. Chicken confit, crispy bacon salad with chipotle dressing 220B
6. ‘Twisted’ Caesar salad with shrimp, bacon, egg and artichoke 220B
7. Hearty pulled pork, fried egg salad 220B

Sandwiches, Tartines, Wraps

8. Hummus and curried cauliflower tartine (veg) 160B
9. Asparagus and ricotta tartine (veg) 160B
10. Beetroot pate with smoked salmon and dill tartine 180B
11. Tempeh wrap with roast eggplant, tomatoes and masala mayo (veg) 220B
12. House grilled cheese with aged cheddar, sliced apples, bacon and mayo 220B
13. Tuna salad with olive tapenade, mozzarella, sprouts, dijon mustard 220B
14. Bacon, lettuce and tomatoes with avocado guacamole on rye bread 220B
15. Pastrami rye panini with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese with Thousand Island 220B
16. Slow cooked balsamic honey pulled pork burger 240B
17. Spiced tuna soft taco with house mango salsa 200B
18. Shrimp salad sandwich in New England hotdog bun 240B


19. Wild mushroom, basil pesto pasta rags (veg) 220B
20. Spicy seafood (shrimp, calamari, mussels) on bed of fettucini 240B
21. Free range sausage with linguine white wine cream sauce with thyme 240B
22. Salmon with sundried tomatoes, pink cream sauce and broccoli on conchiglie 240B
23. Pork cheek ravioli with fresh tomato marinara sauce 240B
24. Hazelnut ragout lasagna with soft boiled egg 220B


25. House spinach potato knish with sautéed mushrooms (veg) 200B
26. Spiced up aubergine parmigiana with chickpeas (veg) 220B
27. Mascarpone frittata with shrimp and wild mushrooms 240B
28. Spanish chorizo breakfast skillet (eggs, grilled tomatoes, potatoes and chorizo) 230B
29. Spicy Moroccan chicken with black olives and almond red rice 240B
30. Pan-fried snapper with mango avocado salsa 260B


31. Spicy chorizo and caramelized bacon 260B
32. Courgette, mushroom and eggplant with pesto (veg) 260B
33. Parma ham, peach, mozzarella 260B
34. Calamari, salami with spiced tomato sauce 260B
35. Artichoke, asparagus and ricotta (veg) 260B
36. Three-cheese, chilli and sage pizza 260B
37. Joe Sloane’s sausage, mozzarella and artichoke pizza 260B

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